The toaster is loved by the majority of families because of its fast, simple, convenient and compact features.
Classification of toasters: From the operation mode, it can be divided into three types: ordinary type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. The number of slots can be divided into: a toaster with one slice for baking a single slice and a toaster with multiple slots that can bake more than two slices at the same time. From the housing material, it can be divided into: a heat-resistant plastic housing toaster, Toaster with stainless steel housing.
Our Toaster Specification:

Cool touch 2 Slice toaster                                                     
Plastic housing with Stainless steel decration                                                 
Variable time knob                                                               
Cancel defrost and reheat  function
Electronic browning control
Automatic pop up
Slide out crumb tray
Cord storage                                                         
Exposed cord length 0.8 m                                    
Detached Bun warmer, optional  


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