Modern urban life is fast-paced, It is difficult for office workers to have free time to eat fruit, Replenishes body nutrition, So people are attracted by the simplicity and convenience of blenders. The fly in the ointment is that the traditional blender is noisy, wastes a lot, and loses nutrition, While the low speed technology juicer machine screw extruder, the extrusion speed the lower the better, The general juice machine rotates at about 75 revolutions per minute, Slowly squeeze out the juice like twisting a towel, it Doesn’t destroy fruit cell structure. The nutrition of the fruit is preserved. And the low-speed juice will not produce high heat, It also avoids the problem of heat oxidation of the juice.

Juicer is a special professional blender, the design of propeller improves the juice output efficiency and the juice output rate, Automatic separation of juice and pomace, easy to operate, make juicing become a real enjoyment of life.

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