steam station

Steam station with more than temperature control, Spraying steam function and It can also spray water mist on the clothes, It can fully moisten the thicker clothes and improve the ironing effect. Steam station features: 1. The iron bottom plate tip works well for getting into pleats, between buttons, and along seams. 2. Various modes for different cloths. 3. Removable water tank with large capacity. 4. Ceramic or stainless steel soleplate material non stick for option. 5. Anti scale, anti drip, vertical steam.

The structure of the spray device is to extend the lower part of a capillary into the lower part of the water tank and submerged in water, The upper part of the capillary leads to the spray hole with valve. During operation, part of the water vapor generated by heating enters the top of the water storage tank through the steam inlet pipe, Keep a certain pressure on the water surface of the storage tank, When you need to steam, press the spray button switch, the valve is opening, the water vapor is ejected through the spray nozzle, while the capillary tube sucks the water up.

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