Salomon star Limited is professional trading company in China.

Salomon star ltd., located in Panyu dist. GuangZhou City, we are a professional trading company, with foreign trade services 16 years experience, we can provide ODM & OEM service and gift box design, Help clients inspection the factory, delivery the goods on time, find a good supplier and good product in China.

To providing the best service and getting the best reputation is our principal. Our company conducts exporting various kinds of commodities and technology, major in household appliance, kitchen appliance, small appliances, electric scooter etc. We offer outstanding commodities and consulting service to our clients and looking forward to the promotion. We are endeavoring to keep the business benefit raised steadily. Hoping to cooperation with you to make a bright prospect.

What we can do?

1. Deal with all kinds of different products

2. Focus and deal with the sale of hot selling products in the EU market. are very keen and have a good sense of studying and identifying the latest market trends. we make easy and quick cash by selling products through insights available from selling resources from the factory and quickly opt-out as soon as the demand declines and shift the focus on the new product in the market.

3. We serves as an intermediary between the importers and the Chinese factories. In other terms, We act as a middleman helping to bridge the gap between the supplier and the client. We are responsible for sourcing, supervising, quality control, and shipping the products.

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