There are two main consumer groups for blenders: one is for families with children or the elderly, the other is the pursuit of fashion and life. Children are more picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Juicing themselves can satisfy them to get enough nutrition. Tasteful young people, the blenders satisfies their individual taste needs. With the improvement of the quality of life, Consumers have shifted from a basic life to nutritious and healthy lifestyle, which makers the blender more popular.

Fruits and vegetables are the main foods for human body taking in vitamins. Studies have shown that people who regularly eating fruits and vegetables are healthier than those who doesn’t like eating. Especially in the prevention of diseases, fruits and vegetables also play an irreplaceable role, they are indeed part of a healthy diet. Although fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, many people don't like to eat them directly. Therefore, many families are equipped with juicers to solve health problems.
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