Jul 31
How to use crepe maker to doing a flavorful crepes?

Preparing Foods:

120g flour, 2 eggs, 230~250ml milk, 2g salt, 20g sugar, 25g butter.


1. In addition to butter, pour other foods into the mixing bowl.
2.It needs to be stirred evenly and not too much, otherwise the flour will become very tough. It does not matter if there are small lumps of flour, just sift the batter.

3.After sieving, if there is still roux on the sieve, you can scrape it with a silicone spatula or a small spoon so that the roux can be sifted through.

4. After sieving, if there are clumps of roux on the sieve, you can use a silicone spatula or a small spoon filtering it through out.

5. Put the butter in a bowl and steam it with hot water to melt it, and pour it into the batter.

6. The crepe maker is adjusted to mid-range. Pouring a spoonful of roux.

7. Adjust crepe maker to mid-range, pouring a spoon of roux.

8. After pouring the roux, use a T-shaped stick to spread the batter Uniformly on the bottom of the pot in a circular motion.

9. When the edges of the crepes are a little bit up, they can be turned over with a small wooden spatula.

10. According to the temperature of your crepe maker, you can cook it out of the pan in about 20-30 seconds on the other side.

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